Friday, January 25, 2013

This morning I'm thinking about all of the negative mommy stories that come up on my news feed. I subscribe to a wide base of parenting blogs, magazines, sites etc... this morning I read a story about a mom who gifted, 10 years in advance, a boob job for her 7 year old daughter.

Of course, at first, horrified. Sad. Concerned.

But isn't this a little like a freak show at the circus? Didn't everyone want to see... wasn't everyone disgusted... weren't we all relieved to feel, in perspective, beautiful perfect and blessed, if only for 10 minutes...

It preys on our basest instincts -- this gawking at the perversions of reality.

I would love to see posts about great mommy moments they had this week... not in the way to brag or make jealous or to hold ourselves above... damned, we ARE all in this together. We are all disfigured and beautiful, calamities and perfect...

just to celebrate together. This week my son has taken to telling me I'm funny each time I make him laugh... it makes me really happy.

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